Isabel Marant pour H&M

Looking forward to this collection!

The Fashion Medley

isabel marant pour h&misabel marant pour h&m2isabel marant pour h&m5Ok, this collection looks good. We all want to get a piece and wear over and over till we satisfy our inner super cool French chick. But there is one thing on my mind ever since I first heard about the collaboration and it’s about time I’m gonna come out and be (probably) the first fashion blogger to shout “the emperor has no clothes!” – which is ironic because in this case the problem is clothes being present, and being present for a long time.

A lot of people are still freaking out about the new Isabel Marant pour H&M collection of which the first collection photos got released today (and which is absurdly expensive, even for a designer collab) but the first thing I thought was: haven’t I seen all of these clothes before? Like last season? And isn’t H&M (as well as other high street brands, especially Mango)…

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