Fall in love with FLANNEL Australia

My fashion brain broke when I had the opportunity to take in the grace and luxe of the what was recently deemed “Best Boutique in LA 2013” by LA Weekly.

FLANNEL is nestled in an unassuming storefront on the lovely Abbott Kinney Blvd in Venice, CA.  I spent some time in the store for their Style Night and coinciding Menswear Launch, and was so thrilled with what I found.

The point of view is clear the moment you dive into the racks. Not only does every piece fit into your current closet immediately, but they are truly works of art in every aspect of design and construction. The fabrics are exquisite,  the softest woven rabbit furs and leathers feel like heaven, and the fit does not disappoint.

Celebs and We should all be so lucky to have some Flannel in our closets, for it is the clothing of our innermost Queens… you too boys.

Now enjoy some highlights from past and current collections.

Flannel SS12/12 Presentation Dinner 14142_10151675019237476_1897638030_n
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Here are a few cute shots from the party at the Venice location.
Alisa Torres -model Danny Pratt- Australian musician

Alisa Torres -model
Danny Pratt- Australian musician

Flannel Shop Girls  Courtenay and Kristen

Flannel Shop Girls
Courtenay and Kristen

Toms designer  Tracy Feith in Flannel Mens Leather Jacket

Toms designer
Tracy Feith in Flannel Mens Leather Jacket

Shop Girl Tova

Shop Girl Tova in Flannel


Lady Krystal in Flannel Woven Rabbit Fur

Lady Krystal in Flannel Woven Rabbit Fur

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Who Wears the Clothes- Anna Dello Russo

This week is dedicated to the Queen of Fun Fashion, the “Passionate Fashionista,” glamorous, playful and over the top Vogue Japan’s Editor At Large Anna Dello Russo. 

Not only are we obsessed with her looks, but we are consistently inspired by her true edge, and playful, werking attitude. She turns heads and ignites the fire that can turn ordinary to extraordinary. 

She is the quintessential shape-shifter and reminds us all to be who we are, not who we are wearing. 





















Tie One On

Ah finally fashion meets function with this weeks favorite Fall/Winter trend. Its one thats been hanging around for years, literally, but it officially has its place in the blog and style world as seen on celebs and models alike. We also can finally bust the myth that you only tie one on to cover a booty or hide your legs… not true, this fashion trend is for anyone who feels they might need an extra layer (functional) and can add just the right pop to any ordinary outfit!

Side note: I use this tactic for extra visibility while I ride my bike. Tie on a graphic black and white print and your much easier to see riding at night.


Favorite find here is designers Kastor & Polluz’s take on the tie around craze. Love the graphic black and white.

Boys; this one is for you too! This trend has been spotted on multiple male celebs like Kanye, and Bieber (if you care).




Cassie is one mega hottie who nails the look here; popping her reds and mixing in leather.



Oh, the modern week. 5 days of groggy mornings, head scratching and staring at the closet…what the hell is even in there!?

I compiled some classic looks from the latest fashion weeks that would can inspire the daily grind!

Go on, get out of your head. Invite the adventure. Find inspiration from the words themselves.

Twiggy inspired and rearing to go; start with your best foot forward in a staple dress and minimal accessories. She has everything she needs and can let the dress be the after thought.

Ralph Lauren Collection Spring 2014


Enter mid week with a rich texture and grounding palette. Mix in some great prints and statement raw accessories to keep it fun.

Donna Karan Spring 2014


Cocktails went late and she slept in her slip. Throw on that sweater and give the hair a flip. Bobby pins are your best friend this hump day. Don’t forget to moisturize and you’ll have all eyes on you.

Wes Gordon Spring 2014


Retro print shirt dress!? Why yes I will.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2014


Break out the fun suit and get ready to jump into your weekend. Pack a pair of heels and your beauty kit to take yourself into the night.

Tory Burch Spring 2014

20130928-143327.jpgPhoto Credit: Imaxtree

Isabel Marant pour H&M

Looking forward to this collection!

The Fashion Medley

isabel marant pour h&misabel marant pour h&m2isabel marant pour h&m5Ok, this collection looks good. We all want to get a piece and wear over and over till we satisfy our inner super cool French chick. But there is one thing on my mind ever since I first heard about the collaboration and it’s about time I’m gonna come out and be (probably) the first fashion blogger to shout “the emperor has no clothes!” – which is ironic because in this case the problem is clothes being present, and being present for a long time.

A lot of people are still freaking out about the new Isabel Marant pour H&M collection of which the first collection photos got released today (and which is absurdly expensive, even for a designer collab) but the first thing I thought was: haven’t I seen all of these clothes before? Like last season? And isn’t H&M (as well as other high street brands, especially Mango)…

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To Each Their Own

Fashion can seem relentless… a word overused and underrepresented. In some cases it can be fun and frivolous; in other instances it is used to create boundaries and enforce the lifestyles of the elite class. But who really gives a … Continue reading