Tie One On

Ah finally fashion meets function with this weeks favorite Fall/Winter trend. Its one thats been hanging around for years, literally, but it officially has its place in the blog and style world as seen on celebs and models alike. We also can finally bust the myth that you only tie one on to cover a booty or hide your legs… not true, this fashion trend is for anyone who feels they might need an extra layer (functional) and can add just the right pop to any ordinary outfit!

Side note: I use this tactic for extra visibility while I ride my bike. Tie on a graphic black and white print and your much easier to see riding at night.


Favorite find here is designers Kastor & Polluz’s take on the tie around craze. Love the graphic black and white.

Boys; this one is for you too! This trend has been spotted on multiple male celebs like Kanye, and Bieber (if you care).




Cassie is one mega hottie who nails the look here; popping her reds and mixing in leather.



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